A Modern ERP Business Solution for

Retail and eCommerce

Sell, fulfill, repeat

Provide customers a multi-channel ordering experience while improving operating efficiency. Acumatica delivers a retail and ecommerce ERP and eCommerce software solution for small and mid-sized companies that improves the in-store experience and automates how online sales orders are taken and fulfilled. Designed with flexibility to accommodate the needs of a single location or multi-channel sellers, Acumatica Cloud ERP brings everything together in one integrated solution to improve the buying experience and encourage repeat customers.

Acumatica’s retail ERP solution delivers a centralized view of your business, where you get a real-time status of orders, inventory, shipments and profitability by product and location. Acumatica Cloud ERP offers 24/7 access that supports work-from-anywhere scenarios for flexibility, efficiency, and continuity of operations. By delivering a complete view of your business across online sales, telesales, and retail sales operations, Acumatica helps you to optimize inventory, ordering, and profitability.

How to Go Omnichannel

The right ERP can help you deliver a consistent customer experience. Here’s how to find it.

Acumatica is built for e-Commerce and Retail

Selling drives business

Right product, right time, and right price.

Excellence in fulfillment is the only option

Have it available or lose the sale. Deliver the product to the customer as accurately and as quickly as possible.

Modern POS is a requirement

Retail Point of Sale is evolving quickly to respond to the buyer’s expectations.

e-Selling is today’s reality

Rapid growth of online sales is escalating challenges for online retail and wholesale distribution operations.

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