Are you interested in having a web store, which is not just attractive and flashy, but is also SEO optimized? Microsoft Dynamics B2C is the option to choose. This capability integrates to your back office, offering your customers with easy capabilities for searching, including other features such as real-time pricing, configurable layouts, and information availability.

All of these are possible through a single maintenance point and has the capability to provide support for multiple web stores via front end. As a result, you can expect a seamless, fast checkout, which can allow your back office to gain more time to fulfill the products.

This solution by Microsoft Dynamics B2C comes equipped with all the necessary features that are necessary in driving traffic towards your web store, engaging your customers, guiding them through a secure, yet easy buying experience coupled with the capability to customize your store front online in order to fit the unique model of your business.

microsoft Dynamics B2C

Microsoft Dynamics B2C – The Features

There are a lot of useful features that are made available through Microsoft Dynamics B2C. One is guest checkout, as well as a one-page checkout. It also has the capability to showcase certain products with videos, images, descriptions and zooms. This makes it easier for organization of information in tabs.

You can also take advantage of a product comparison table feature, which can also be used for cross selling and up selling. Since it deals with e-commerce, it has business integration with other online stores such as eBay and Amazon. Since responses and integration is very important, social interaction and product review are also features that are made available. Online entrepreneurs will also find useful other features such as the use of gift cards, coupons, and web promotions to highlight deals.

Most importantly, Microsoft Dynamics B2C is SEO optimized. It allows for SEO management, as well as integration with Google Analytics. On the part of the entrepreneur, using the system is also extremely easy, because the CMS is user-friendly. As a matter of fact, there are several templates to select from and comes with rich text editing, multilingual support, as well as user management and user roles.

Starting an e-commerce store is a more convenient and quicker option as compared to traditional
methods of marketing. With the use of the Internet, coupled with Microsoft Dynamics B2C, the online success of your business is highly possible. As a result, you can expect to have a web store that combines the capability of a dependable frontend, and an amazing support from your backend. Selecting the way in which you deploy your web store depends ultimately on the level of control and responsibility that you are willing to have.

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