Microsoft Dynamics B2B

Microsoft Dynamics B2B

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One feature that the Microsoft Dynamics B2B can help your business excel in is in supply chain management, and this is crucial in an enterprise setting where there is a variety of stakeholders to attend to and targets that must be met. In tracking processes and material distribution, vendors, customers, and your company needs, the pressure and pace can in no doubt be very demanding but Microsoft Dynamics B2Ba seamless interface to enable you keep abreast with every step of the value-chain

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Inventory is a wide field that covers processes from issuing of material status, purchase orders, delivery management as well as the receipts and issues that arise in the business process. Deploying Microsoft Dynamics B2B can ensure that the data of every supplier is captured, along with products they provide, orders received and management of any memorandum.

The critical values of materials supply and outbound documentation are covered to ensure that critical inputs needed for the business are available in the prescribed manner to avoid stock outs and production hitches. With all these vital stops in the business inventory tracking taken care of, reports and alerts are regularly available so that decisions can be made when necessary to avoid slowing down the work place.

Manual Process Automation

Manual processes are known to be repetitive and time-consuming which in itself can become a clog in the wheel of the business process. Microsoft Dynamics B2B comes with a ready template that only needs to be fed with the key data that governs the steps involved in the manual processes. Sometimes in the area of sales, the need for invoice issuing, management of returns, discounts and bills receivable can be the basis for the employment of a number of people.

With Microsoft Dynamics B2B, the key inputs for the sales process only need to be validated and uploaded to the software so that processing can become automated. Slow moving accounts, payment days and credit management will be summarily processed with the array of reports churned out for management decision making.

Increasing Cross-Departmental Communications

image 3Automated processes make it easy for timely reports to be produced, and this is one area that Microsoft Dynamics B2B helps to expedite the interface across departments. Internal process optimization makes it easy and efficient to relate with other businesses that are tied-in to the organizational processes.

The ease and pace of processing of key data makes it prompt to receive updates on key areas and pursue remedial actions where drawbacks are identified. The regular updates that gets churned out by an excellent software makes it possible to keep tab with projects, manage areas of inadequacy and streamline the key focus areas that must be scrutinized.

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