Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

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Microsoft Azure is a Windows based Operating System designed for use hosting and managing Microsoft operations and packages in the cloud.  With most businesses moving their data handling and computing operations to the cloud in order to reap the numerous advantages associated with the cloud, Microsoft has also developed its very own cloud-based Operating System. Criticized in most circles for being a late entrant in the cloud computing craze, this Operating System is designed to announce the company’s change in how it operates. Microsoft Azure is a show of their dedication to catering for the evolving needs of their target market including businesses and developers.

The development and introduction of Microsoft Azure, although late has been viewed as a welcome step in showing the company’s dedication to the field of cloud computing. This new product from a company whose main source of revenue and business focus has been centered on selling package applications, signals that it has embraced this new way of handling data and computing operations. Due to the fact that cloud computing moves away from the use of packaged applications to using Software as a Service, Microsoft’s revenues and profits are expected to dip as it is rolled out. To mitigate these losses, the company is looking for ways to run the most efficient cloud service available.

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Microsoft Azure Costs

One of the main factors that held back developers and businesses from adopting this new cloud computing Operating System was the uncertainty of the costing methods to be adopted. However, Microsoft has addressed this by introducing detailed costing guides. The pricing strategy adopted for Microsoft Azure and its associated products place it right next to other big players in the market such as Amazon and Google.

The pricing strategy is divided into three, consumption based, where users pay for only what they use and nothing more. Subscription based, where uses can subscribe for Microsoft Azure for a given period. Finally, we have volume licensing, where users can also import all their Microsoft licenses for use in the cloud. You can find out more detailed information about Microsoft Azure’s pricing policy on their website.


Microsoft Azure is designed to provide users with the tools to move all their Microsoft-based data handling and computing needs to the cloud. Additionally, since developers and other users combine the use of different software products and platforms in their operations, the Operating System is designed to work with a variety of programming languages so as to offer support for all these applications.

Microsoft Azure is exactly what developers need to move their Microsoft based operations to the cloud efficiently and conveniently. It is also designed to make the work of developers easier and much more efficient. Although a late entrant in this market, Microsoft Azure is definitely positioned to become one of the main players.

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