Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Capabilities

1Financial Management and Accounting
Manage your cash, assets and banking. 
2Supply Chain and Manufacturing
Track and manage your production, inventory, orders and vendors.
3Marketing, Sales & Services
Manage your campaign, sales opportunities, contacts and service contracts.
4Project Management
Create estimates, track projects and manage capacity.
5Business Intelligence and Reporting
Get real-time visibility and analytics to track performance and to act with insight.
Complete globally with multi-currency and language capablities.
7Localization & GST ReadyGST
Yes, we have localized the solution for you and it is GST Ready.


About Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the most popular product in the Microsoft Dynamics line. There are more Dynamics NAV users compared to any other Microsoft Dynamics product. The product is an enterprise resource planning solution designed for mid-sized companies.

The system provides specialized functionality for distribution, manufacturing, retail, government, and a lot more. Microsoft Dynamics NAV was developed by Navision A/S, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2002.

One of the reasons why Microsoft Dynamics NAV is popular among enterprise users is because it is highly customizable. Users are able to develop configurations that address their needs. It is deployed on Windows operating system and SQL Server. It is developed within the .NET framework.

The Microsoft DOnthegoynamics NAV streamlines your operations. The solution integrates a lot of functions
for human resources management, financial management, manufacturing, and project management, international and multiple sites, sales and marketing, supply chain management, business intelligence, and service management. The functions of the system are best suited for distribution and manufacturing sectors.

By incorporating it into your operations, you will experience improved productivity. Microsoft Dynamics NAV help users produce more each day. People who are already familiar with the other Microsoft software will be able to use the ERP solution right away. Dynamics NAV also provide access to custom profile data and other related tasks to make life easier for users.

The software has been designed to provide the same user experience as the other Microsoft software solutions. That means there’s no need to train employees, and they have more confidence to make decisions. They can also respond to business opportunities right away.

It also empowers the employees because they have the tools they need to face the challenges. Time spent on administrative tasks is reduced that will result to increased data accuracy and Improved productivity. Users have access to real-time information that will help the organization get a competitive advantage. Tasks are done with fewer clicks that lead to improved output.

Information is accessible to the right people at all times. This will enable employees to customize their business processes to balance customer requirements and workload. Employees are also able to monitor critical elements of the operations that include production bottlenecks, cash shortages, or item shortages.

Users are able to make smart decisions through Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It provides simplified access to specific data and tasks that assist employees to access data that they need to make smart decisions with confidence. The system is able to generate a wide range of reports and analysis tools that can help users gain access with detailed data about the performance of the business.

The best thing about the Microsoft Dynamics NAV is that it can be customized and configured to the system according to the current needs. Additional functions, custom applications, and other capabilities can be added easily in the future when the company needs them.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV Fact Sheet

On-Premise and Cloud

Microsoft Dynamics NAV On-Premise or In-the-Cloud?

Choose any of the deployment options of the below:

  • On-Premise

  • Public Cloud

  • Private Cloud

  • Hybrid - Mixing On-Premise, Public Cloud and Private Cloud


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