Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

End-to-End intelligent business applications in the cloud

Start with the right fit for your business and grow at your own pace in the Cloud.
Empower employees with productivity tools surfaced in context of processes.
Guide Employees to optimal outcomes with intelligence embedded in processes.
Stay nimble and adapt in real-time with flexible, extensible applications and platform.


About Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) and Customer Resources Management (CRM). It is the latest innovation by Microsoft built with optimum flexibility and flexibility.

Dynamics 365 is not just a ERP or CRM; it's both in ONE solution.

Dynamics 365 is in the Cloud. On-premises users can still go with Microsoft Dynamics NAV or GP; Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition can be deployed on-premises if desired.

Two Editions of Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365, Business Edition


The "Business" version of Dynamics 365 is the evolution of Project Madeira, the cloud based ERP/CRM. Microsoft recommends Dynamics 365, Business Edition for companies with somewhere between 10-250 employees. You may start with only 1 user. It has three Modules:

  1. Financials - The Financial Module is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The Financial Module consists of:

    1. Financial Management

    2. Sales

    3. Purchasing

    4. Inventory

    5. Project Management

  2. Sales - The Sales Module of Dynamics 365, Business Edition is based on Dynamics CRM and optimized for SMB customers.

  3. Marketing - The Marketing Module of Dynamics 365, Business Edition is going to be released in Spring 2017.

Dynamics 365, Enterprise Edition

The "Enterprise" Version is going to be a newly developed combination of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft recommends Dynamics 365, Enterprise Edition for companies with more than 250 employees. It has 6 modules:

  1. Operations - Previously known as Microsoft Dynamics AX, the operations module contains all of the financials and operations functionality of Dynamics AX.

  2. Sales - This is the core functionality of Dynamics CRM.

  3. Marketing - At launch, Microsoft announced a partnership with Adobe for Marketing for the Marketing portion of Dynamics 365; given their discontinuation of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.

  4. Customer Service - The customer service module integrates CRM functionality, new functionality, existing Parature functionality, and more Microsoft partnerships.

  5. Project Service - For project based businesses, the Project Service module allows for the estimation and scheduling of projects in Dynamics 365. Great for professional services companies.

  6. Field Service - For businesses with field agents or workers, this extra module leverages the mobility of the Microsoft cloud.


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